There are ways by which you can connect a wireless mouse to the laptop. By making use of the wireless mouse along with the laptop is the most convenient way to avoid using the built in mouse of the laptop. In certain cases you can make use of an external mouse and in case you cannot make things happen for the best you can try at the HP Technical support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). It is not easy go about carrying an external mouse on the move. Thus, you have to know how to make use of a wireless mouse with the laptop.

Following the Steps

To know about the connection of the wireless mouse you can call at the HP technical support number. First, you have to check with the compatibility of the computer or the laptop. It should be in sync with the wireless mouse. Most of the wireless mice will make use of the Bluetooth technology. A Bluetooth enabled laptop can easily connect to the Bluetooth wireless mouse. For this you can seek help by calling up the HP tech support number. For the same you have to open the mouse and put in the batteries. In the attempt of doing so you have to make sure that things are done appositely maintaining the positive niche for the positive side of the battery.

Right Placement of the Mouse

In case something is not working right in the process you need to take help of the HP technical support. Here the tech supporters will come to your help and they will tell you regarding the placement of the mouse so that it becomes easy for you to use and now you don’t have to move your fingers rapidly. With the right and apposite HP tech support you can start working with fully sound and capable device.

Handling the Receiver

Once you avail for the HP technical support one can make the perfect use of the wireless receiver. This is required when the laptop is devoid of the built in wireless receiver. However, the receiver should be kept eight inches away from the destination of the laptop or the other entity that can cause any kind of interference. Next, it is time for you to insert the drivers. This will make the mouse have a perfect functionality. Now, it is time to connect the receiver with the laptop by plugging in the mouse USB connector to the main USP port of the PC or the laptop.

Making Use of the External Hub

The receiver should always be kept away from the laptop or the main device. It is important that you access the HP tech support phone number and you would be perfectly instructed with the steps in chronological order. This is done to make the mouse function in the right manner. Now you can connect the receiver to the laptop with the plugging of the mouse to the USB connector and in case you don’t have USB ports one can make use of the external USB hub for the extra ports.


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