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If you are facing problems in running your HP Laser Jet printer then you can contact on hp printer support phone number. Sometimes, you can face problems like you are working on your hp laser jet printer and it suddenly stops functioning, it may also shown an error codes 02,12,11 showing  a message box on the computer screen. Fixing the problem of error code is not a difficult task to do. The message box which appears means to give you some hints and assists you in solving the problem and gives you advice to fix it.  So if you are facing the problem of error codes 02, 11, 12 when you are working on your HP Laser Jet Printer then don’t worry about it hp printer support is always there to help their precious customer.

The solutions to fix the Error Codes

Solution to fix Error Codes 02

The Error Code 02 of HP printer indicates warming up. This is mostly associated with the hp printer driver or cable problems.

Follow these steps

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Remove the USB or printer cable and then turn on the printer again.
  • If the printer says ‘Ready’ then update the driver.
  • If it is still not resolved then update the printer cable.
  • After that you still face any issues then contact hp printer support phone number.

Solution to fix Error Code 11

The Error Code 11 of HP printer indicates Paper out. If you printer is not out of paper, this means there is some functional problem in the paper sensor or paper tray.

Follow these steps:

  • Keep your printer on a flat surface.
  • Clean the toner build up.
  • Make sure that the paper trays are not damaged in any way.
  • If your problem is not resolved then recheck the paper sensor.
  • Make sure you do the cleaning of the opto-sensor.

If you still face the problem then contact to hp printer help.

Solution to fix the Error Code 12

Error code 12 of HP printer indicates No EP or Open. When toner cartridges are not installed correctly on your hp printer software then this says either you have a cooling fan with defect or cover is open. You may also have defective PS5 sensors.

Follow these steps

  • Check all the toners are installed in a correct way.
  • Make sure that all covers are closed in a proper way.
  • If the technical issue persists, then there is a problem in the hardware.

You can contact hp printer support for your help.

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