HP printers are well known for their quality, but still sometimes they mal function due to various reasons. This result in printer errors and which need to be solved, to make them running. HP printer help is always provided by their technical experts for hp printer problems. It’s quite easy to approach them by dialing on hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521).

HP F4180 printer error is due to various reasons some of the popular ones can be due to the hardware connections or the out dated driver software. Instead of delaying this issue, it’s better to solve it in this stage only either by performing trouble shooting steps on own or else with the help of hp printer customer service. If the users contact the experts through hp printer support number, they will be provided with solution to the issue.

Steps to fix HPF4180 Printer error

In order to fix HP F4180 printer error, it’s necessary to follow below mentioned steps and provide solution to the issue. Here are the steps to be performed:

1. The first thing is to check if the indicator lights which are present on the top of the printer are blinking or not.

2. Then its required to turn off the printer by holding the power button until turned off.

3. The next step involves unplugging of power cable of the printer along with the USB cable that is attached to the device.

4. Now reconnect them properly into their respective slots and then switch on the printer by just holding the power button for few seconds.

5. Then try printing again and check if printing is taking place as well as issue.

6. In case if the issue still persists then users need to restart the computer and try printing again.

7. Then press the plastic tab which is found exactly on the back side of the printer device.

8. Now just try to pull out the rear end of the door which is firmly held by the tab in that place.

9. Then it’s essential to check if paper or any other material is obstructing the printer from doing its printing job.

10. In case if any objects are present then remove them and fix this rear door into its place perfectly.

11. Then ensure that there are no objects or papers stuck in front of the cartridges.

12. Now lift the plastic latches so as to lock the cartridges firmly into the ink carriage and try printing again.

13. Then go to the “Software & driver downloads” option to choose the type of the computer.

14. Then click on the next option and click on driver option to select “HP Deskjet feature software and drivers”, then save it.

15. Then double click and follow the steps as displayed on the screen to complete the task.

All the above steps help in solving the issue, only when performed correctly. In case even then if issue persists then contact hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521) for the hp printer help. They provide better and immediate assistance.


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