HP Computers are well popularized for their accuracy and performance, which are the reasons for choosing these devices by large number of people. HP is well known for offering prompt services and guides the users in resolving the errors which they encounter. HP computer support is offered instantly by the technical support team for helping the users.

In general whenever HP computers face purple error code, it is due to whenever the users are working with the HP devices and try to change the DVD writer. In order to resolve this issue users can immediately contact hp computer support number (+1-844-585-4521) or else they can follow the solutions mentioned to correct the error. The most important thing to do whenever this error occurs is to remove the hard drive immediately, so that it can solve. However the best solutions are provided by the technical experts of hp to solve the problem quite faster and in an easier way.

Solutions to fix HP computer Purple Error Code and message

HP computer purple error code occurs only when the devices are operating on XP or Vista and at the same time if factory settings are restored. As per the guidance of hp computer tech support, here are few solutions which help in fixing the HP computer Purple Error code and message.

Solution 1 :

  1. The first solution deals with skipping of hardware configuration checking process, which is possible when followed the steps mentioned here as suggested by hp computer service
  2. It is utmost important to get access to the Live D, so that hard drive along with other computer devices can be explored.
  3. In case if the problem is with the external hard drive and that relates with hp hard drive such as SATA, IDE 3.5 or others then it is essential to resolve them carefully.
  4. If there is no external box, then it is required to mount the HP hard drive on to the computer.

Solution 2 :

  1. The second solution deals with browsing the hard drive upon the completion of mounting.
  2. In case if the OS is Vista then it is required to edit the name of the file which is as “X:\hp\bin\Check DMI\Check DMI.cmd”, X is the drive of the users.
  3. Next it is required to edit using right click on the file.
  4. Then wherever the indication is there at that place it as to be replaced 0 with 1.
  5. Then save all the edits done at that time by the user.
  6. Next hard drive needs to be replaced into the HP PC and continue with booting process of the system.

The above two solutions when followed carefully by the users resolves the error and problem will be fixed. In case if the error still persists, then it is essential to approach hp computer support. However, they can guide and solve the issue within minutes when dialed on hp computer support number (+1-844-585-4521). So users can take the help fix the problem.


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