HP Notebooks are available in various models and most of the users wish them to use because of the functionality they offer. These notebooks are highly reliable to work and are easy to carry anywhere. This is the reason why users are showing interest in using notebooks rather than the desktops or laptops. At times HP notebooks will malfunction and give errors that obstruct the work. So it is the time to fix those errors by following trouble shooting steps or taking the hp laptop tech support. However, the trouble shooting steps are guided by hp laptop customer service when approached for hp laptop help.

HP Notebook Missing Operating System error message is generally caused due to many reasons. Sometimes this may be caused when unable to detect the hard drive of Notebook BIOS. The other reasons that cause this error includes, if hard drive is physically damaged or in case if windows master boot record located on the hard drive is corrupted or if Windows MBR is not in active mode. So there are some solutions to solve this issue.

Solutions to fix HP Notebook Missing Operating System Error Message

The solutions to fix HP Notebook Missing Operating System error message are provided by the hp laptop support team. They can also provide instant assistance for this error on hp laptop support number (+1-844-585-4521). The following are the solutions to fix the error.

Solution 1:

The first solution deals with testing the hard drive to resolve the issue.

  1. The first step involves plugging AC adapter into the Notebook PC, then hold power button for few seconds to turn off the note book.
  2. Then holding the power button and F10 key try switching on the Notebook.
  3. Then text will be displayed on the monitor, so slowly release F10 key then BIOS setup utility will be displayed on the display screen.
  4. Then clicking on right arrow key, select “Tools” option from the menu.
  5. Then user need to select the hard drive test and press “enter” key from the key board so as to start the test.

Solution 2:

The next solution deals with the repairing of Master Boot Record

  1. The first step is to insert the Windows Operating System into drive.
  2. Then hold the power button for few seconds to turn off the NoteBook.
  3. Now it is required to turn on the power button in order to switch on the note book.
  4. Then click on the Enter key when it asks to Boot from CD.
  5. Now from the Windows set up menu click on the ‘R’ key.
  6. Then at C:\>, type ‘FIXMBR’ and click on ‘Enter’ key.
  7. Now just tap ‘Y’ key and enter from keyboard, after that a new MBR need to be written if instructed.
  8. Then need to restart the notebook by holding the power button.

All the above solutions will help in resolving the issue. In case if still the issue persists the best suggestion is to approach hp laptop support which can be done through hp laptop support number (+1-844-585-4521). Hence, users can make their choice to resolve the issue.


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