We are living in an era of technology. Our PC, laptops, smartphone and tablets all are connected to the internet because we need easy and rapid internet access all the time. Sometimes it happens that you are searching something essential and your laptop shows a poor internet connection it is a frustrating condition indeed.

Here we are going to share some easy and simple tips which can be helpful to resolve your HP laptop wireless connection issues. By following these tips, you can get your HP laptop repair quite conveniently. Let us see what the methods by which we can secure a wireless connection to our HP laptops are.

First method:

The first method by which you can resolve your wireless connection issue that is by using automatic service of hp laptop troubleshooting. You can get an idea about this method by following steps:

Second method:

Check the keyboard of your HP laptop of you see any button there with an airplane sign or this key may be F10 or F12 and its light is not on then push the button to turn on the light. The appearance of the blue light will indicate the successful wireless connection, but if it does not operate yet repeat these steps you can quickly get your HP laptop repair.

Third method:

If your laptop foes do not have an activity key then you can consider some steps to get HP laptop help:

  1. Click start, search troubleshooting in the search field.
  2. Select troubleshooting and click network and internet
  3. After that click internet connections and then advance.
  4. Click run as administrator
  5. Check apply repair automatically
  6. Click next
  7. To get HP laptop customer service click troubleshooting my connection to the internet and then click “next.”

Note: after the proceeding if user’s window opens then click “continue” in this way you can secure your internet connection and get fast and effective internet services.

When your wireless connection is secured:

When your wireless connection is regained successfully then your laptop will show some problems due to which your connection destabilize. Your computer will display information about those problems and also tell you about the solution of those problems which you should surely use if your connection destabilize again.

In case if your laptop idea does not show any problem regarding internet problem and your laptop is not connected to the internet then follow some simple steps:

  • Reinstallation of the wireless network adapter driver
  • Or use HP recovery manager

Reinstallation of the wireless network adapter driver:

If you cannot access your Wi-Fi yet then remove the wireless network adapter driver and reinstall it that will help to clear the registry values and reset the configuration settings and accessed by your window. Or you can use another method to reinstall the wireless network adapter driver which we are going to discuss below.

Reinstallation through HP recovery manager:

Remove the wireless network adapter driver and reinstall it through HP laptop repair service. If your laptop does not have a recovery manager then reinstall the wireless network adapter driver through window device manager.

So, by following all these methods, you can use your Wi-Fi connection to HP laptop and enjoy the high-speed internet. You can get this service by following any of the ways and if your internet does not activate even after following all these steps then contact your server.


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