HP note books or laptops are widely used by most of the users around the globe. These devices at times give trouble due to some of the issues or the damages that occur inside them. So, to make them work by bringing back to normal position is possible only if the issue is resolved. To resolve the issues users need to follow some troubleshooting steps which are guided by the hp technical support chat. The service offered by hp technical support is excellent for resolving all kind of errors encountered in note book or laptops.

HP laptops or note books will be displaying disk controller error messages due to some reasons. This message is displayed even before Windows XP or Windows 2000 started by users. One of the major issue for this error is improper connection of CD or DVD to the device. It can be either to the system board or even through the connector. HP 178x Disk Controller Error can be fixed with the help of the best solutions provided by the hp technical support team of experts.

Solutions to resolve HP 178x Disk Controller Error

In order to resolve HP 178x Disk Controller error, some of the methods and solutions are provided when contacted on hp technical support number (+1-844-585-4521). The following are some of the methods.

This method deals with the resetting of the optical drive.

  1. The first step involves removing the battery, which can be done by slide battery and release latch to unlock to remove the battery.
  2. Now remove the optical drive, where 11 mm P1 Philips head screw located at the backside of the notebook.
  3. Now slowly grasp the edge of the optical drive bezel to slide from the drive base.
  4. Then insert optical drive into the base enclosure, make sure that the connector is placed properly.
  5. Then replace 11mm P1 Philips screw into the optical drive securely.
  6. Then replace the battery back into its position, which is done by divert the rear edge of battery into the position of battery.
  7. Next step is to place battery into its position by slowly releasing its latch.

The above steps are to be followed perfectly, so that the issue resolves quickly. Once these steps are completed then users need to check by turning on the HP notebook pc. So that it lets the users know whether HP 178x Disk Controller Error is fixed by the above solution or not. Incase, if still the same issue persists then the users need to take the help from experts. It is essential to call hp technical support, to make the PC function it again.

HP technical team consists of dedicated experts who will provide assistance 24 x 7 and 365 days. These experts can be approached by calling on hp technical support number (+1-844-585- 4521). HP Notebook users need to decide whether to perform the trouble shooting steps to fix HP 178x Disk Controller error on their own or take help of technical team. However, technical assistance is provided at door step in case if issue is not resolved.


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