It’s a tricky situation when you stuck at one point and doesn’t fulfill the command. When you turn on the power button of your PC, and nothing happens then, it is an awakened moment. Few computers won’t boot, but you can frustrate it with the HP troubleshooting solution.

 There are a lot of reasons when your computer doesn’t support like it can’t be able to turn on or moving toward any command. If your HP computer doesn’t turn on, you need to follow these commands.

Solution no 1: Before troubleshooting first remove devices and discs:

First, you need to disconnect all the connection like USB, printers, external devices, scanners, and any disc. This will help you at the time of troubleshooting. Removing all the devices except the keyword, mouse, and monitor, as it is an exceptional part of your computer after that turn on the computer.

  • If the computer starts correctly, plug in all devices again
  • If the HP computer doesn’t start again, then don’t connect anything just focus on starting your computer.

Solution no 2: focus on hard reset:

Many problems can solve by decreasing the stored communist’s amounts, means you need to overcome the burden of a hard dick or resolved the issue. If the problem stills same, then you need to perform the “Hard reset” or HP computer repair duty.

  • First, turn off the computer system
  • Second, disconnect the devices and press the power button for about 5-10 minutes and check the light indicator
  • Third, if the indicator light turns on then, you can reconnect all your devices

Solution no 3: the diagnostics test of hardware system:

First, you need to select the type of your window and then start the instructions; this will keep help in operating all programs. You can also take HP computer help.

There are two possible options like:

  1. Only one drive is detected
  2. All-in-one drive is detected

Solution no 4: recovery disc option:

The best part of using the HP desktop troubleshooting option is it is specially design for recovery. If your comports create any troubleshoot then this option will help you out, just you need to run the restore from recovery option after that refresh your PC, your personal files and data wouldn’t affect.

Solution no 5: run the system and restore from the recovery file:

Use the recovery disc, either you have obtained the recovery discs from HP support or buy it by yourself. However, the HP computer repair is designed explicitly for disc repairing. The following are the step of recovery:

  • Insert the recovery disc
  • Press the power button
  • Disconnect all the extra devices like printer, USB, and scanner
  • Then turn the HP computer
  • Press the F9 key immediately to boots the whole process
  • Select the option and press enter button

The following are some solutions, if you still have a problem then contact the hp computer support system for further procedure. There are many chances to figure out the main problem, so take a deep breath and think about the unique solution, which is suitable for you.


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