HP has the line of the laptop computers. Most of these are meant for businesses. You can connect the laptop easily to a wireless router. In the process, you can even switch on to the local network. Most of the HP laptops come without the Wi-Fi adapters. This makes the laptop get connected to the wireless router. However, in establishing the connection if something gets wrong you can contact for the HP laptop repair. After the successful HP laptop repair is done you can think of how to connect the machine to the wireless router. For this you have to cause the installation of the network adapter. Configuration of the same is needed for the Wi-Fi network.

The Steps for Connection

  • First you have to power on the HP laptop and log in to the windows.
  • In the second step you can insert the end of the mini plug into the inlet of the USB cable. One end should be connected to the USB network adapter and the other end should remain connected to the HP laptop. In case there are doubts you can call at the HP laptop support number. If you want to have a better wireless signal, you need to plug the USB cable to the USB ports of the HP system.
  • In the third step you can insert the kind of driver disc in case of the USB wireless adapter into the source of the DVD or the CD drive in case of the HP laptop. In the process, the laptop is not in need of the third party drivers. This is because it has the built in software as part of the operating system. After the configuration of the wireless adapter you can notice the wireless icon appearing on the task bar. If you miss the step you can opt for HP laptop help.
  • Then it is time to open the Network and the Sharing Center. Now it is time for you to click the “Set up a New Connection or Network | Connect to the Internet | Next | Wireless.”
  • Then, you can make a selection of the SSID. This is the wireless network name given to the router. In case you don’t see the name you can restart the wireless router or the HP laptop. After the SSID reappears on the screen it is time for you to click on “Connect”. If things are not clear you can at best call hp laptop customer service(+1-844-585-4521).
  • In the next step you have to enter the security key or the password of the wireless network connection.
  • In the last step you have to click on the option “Connect”, and after this Windows will display a message confirming the connectivity to the wireless router. This is how the connection is established and now you can aptly make use of the internet connection without the hassle. In case, you cannot comprehend things at the best you can take help of the HP laptop tech support. This is the right support you can enjoy in making things connectable.


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