We all are using social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, line, Skype and many other such apps and also have a separate password for each app as well. Even our cell phone, smartphone, laptops, PC all have passwords that provide us a great sense of security. But sometimes we might forget our password.

Suppose you need to work on your laptop quite urgently and unfortunately forgot your password you tried to think so hard but in vain now what should you do? Will your computer remain shut down and useless forever? Can you afford to lose all your crucial information stored on the laptop?  You do not need to worry at all when we are here to help you. Here we are going to discuss some of the methods that you can use to turn on your HP laptop if you have forgotten your password.

You can also call on the number of HP technical support service they will help you unlock your laptop. So; do not get worried calm down and follow any of the method given above or contact us because we are always available for your service.

HP technical support provides several ways

  • Unlock laptop with password reset disc
  • Unlock password through 3rd– party recovery utility
  • Unlock your computer by using Windows installation CD
  • Restore laptop to factory settings.

These are some simple methods to unlock your laptop recommended by HP technical support if you forgot your password. Let us discuss them all one by one.

Unlock laptop with password reset disc:

The simplest way to unlock your computer is to insert a password reset disc (if you have created one) insert the CD into your laptop, and you can open your laptop quickly.

Unlock your laptop through third- party recovery utility:

The second most effective method to unlock a laptop is via third-party recovery utility. Follow the steps given below to unlock your laptop if you do not have a reset password disc:

  • Burn windows password genius into a USB drive
  • Unlock password by password recovery tool

Visit our website or call HP technical support service to get details of the steps mentioned above that are quite helpful in unlocking your laptop.

Unlock your laptop by windows installation CD:

If you have windows installation CD in your access then what are you worried about? Windowed reinstallation CD can unlock your laptop quite easily what you need to do is:

  • Start laptop from insulation CD
  • You will see an image at the right side
  • Now do not really install windows system in your laptop
  • Now press shift+ F10 to initiate command prompt
  • Then replace ultiman.exe with cmd.exe via command.
  • Restart your laptop after exit installation disc.
  • Lastly, click ease icon at the left side that will initiate command prompt.
  • Now you can reset your password by giving command username and new password at the command prompt.

So; if you have followed all the steps accurately then restart your laptop with the new password. Otherwise, you can seek help from your server you can get phone number +1-844-585-4521 for HP technical support service.


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