HP printers are the popular and widely used devices by people around the globe. They are well known for printers and followed by scanners, along with laptops. The printing service it offers is the best one with its supportive technical support team, who are just available on dialing to the hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). Though HP provides the best ink cartridges which are of high quality, still at times users of hp printers face the issues. The problems of ink cartridges can be either due to the wrong placement of cartridges or any other hp printer problems. So, people get worried about the issue and look out for the hp printer help. In order to resolve that issue without getting panic, there are simple troubleshooting steps which are needed to be followed. However, users can also consider calling on hp printer support number, in case if the issue is not solved even after following the troubleshooting steps.

Trouble shooting steps to resolve the issue

Troubleshooting steps are for resolving issues through hp printer help without many efforts in quick and easy manner.

First Method:

  • The first step involves opening the printer with the assistance of plastic printer clips.
  • Next it is required to insert the ink cartridges of the printer in the gray bay only which is placed in the center.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the ink cartridges from the gray bays which has to be done by holding up the black tab at the same time pull them towards yourself out of the printer.
  • Then check if any pink tape is placed and remove it from the printer cartridge which otherwise will struck the paper and contact cannot be made with the paper.
  • So it is essential to remove the cartridges from the back of the printer and re-print the document.

Second Method:

  • The HP printer updated version software when downloaded from the official HP site can also make printer non-functional.
  • So visit the official site search the specific model of the printer and enter the model number in the space provided as “Locate Your Product to Get Support”.
  • Next download the software and start the driver installation, by following all the on-screen instructions.
  • Once the installation is completed restart the PC and try printing a document for checking the quality of print.

Third Method:

  • One of the other methods is to remove the cartridges from the printer only after power supply is stopped.
  • Clean the cartridges and their places by using distilled water on to the cotton balls.
  • Let the cartridges dry for some time and then place them back in their position.
  • Now on the PC and try printing to check whether cartridges are functioning properly or not.

Above mentioned are some simple troubles shooting steps, to solve the issue if the new ink cartridges are not functioning. However if issue is not solved, instant support is available from hp printer customer service by calling on hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521) apart from hp printer problems.


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