It is a hassle for using a printer that is not wireless. Especially in office spaces that are small dealing with wires becomes a hassle and disturbs the whole working system. Therefore HP printer support service is here to help you convert your HP printer and upgrade it into a wireless printer. Here is a detailed guide:


The HP printer support services nowadays are organize to empowered you so you can only append them to your home system utilizing the Ethernet port. Be that as it may, if you are utilizing an old USB based printer, you can use a remote print server to transform that wired printer into a remote one.

 Remote print servers are little gadgets they look like smaller than standard switches that have a USB port. You merely need to interface the printer to this remote print server utilizing a regular USB link, and the printer will then end up accessible to every single other PC in your remote system.


HP printer help can guide you on how to carry out the conversion once you have managed to arrange a print server. As mentioned earlier in the mechanism of the transformation the print server is the device which will serve as a medium for you to connect your devices and personal computers to the printer without the need of a wire or a cable.

Contact the HP printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521) because is an excellent mean of help when it comes to the choice of a print server and its selection. You should feel free to call them and ask them to assist you in any way possible.


Till now it has been established that you would require a print server to convert your wired printer into a wireless one. Now it comes with the choice of which print server to select. HP printer repair representatives and teams can help you choose a print server that will best fulfill your needs and requirements. Here are a few options with their specifications to give you some idea of the print servers:

  • Netgear WGPS606:

    This is an extremely budget-friendly print server as recommended by the HP printer tech support. This is both a remote print server and a wired switch. It has two USB ports so you may utilize the gadget for sharing up to two printers over the remote system. A similar print server can likewise enable you to interface four individual PCs to the system regardless of whether they are not fitted with remote system connectors.

  • Linksys Print Server:

    Contact on the HP printer tech support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). However, the representatives are most likely to recommend this print server if you ask for a good quality print server. This remote print server makes it simple to get to every one of the elements of your across the board printer over the remote system.

    The Print Server can interface multifunction printers based on USB to your system utilizing an Ethernet link or Wireless-G. The print work works like some other print server yet to scan or duplicating, a client can ask for restrictive utilization of that capacity until the point when his undertaking is finished.


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