HP is a company that has been providing you with some excellent laptops. But at times you face problems with the HP laptop speakers as well. If you are interested to solve the speaker problems of the HP pavilion laptop then it is important for you to follow a few steps.

Given been is a list of the troubleshooting steps that will help in resolving the issues related to the HP pavilion laptop. In case these steps do not resolve the issue then it is important for you to contact the HP laptop repair:

Step 1

The first and the most important thing that you have to check here is whether the sound of the laptop is turned on. This is because there are times when you might hit the wrong command accidentally and it can therefore mute the sound. In order to check whether the sound has been muted you first open the audio device center. Then you need to check if the speakers are turned on. Here you also need to find out if the sound of the video or the audio programs are nut on or not. If they are not, you can turn them on and the speaker would start working fine. However, if they are turned on and you still fact the issue then you can either proceed to the next step or you may call the HP laptop repair.

Step 2

You need to check and find out if the audio drivers of the laptop is working fine. In order to check this you first have to click the Start option and from Start you have to go to the Control Panel and then from there you have to go to the administrative tools. From administrative tools you have to go to computer management and then finally to the Device manager. In this device manager you will get the Sound, video as well as the game controller option. Make sure that you right click on the sound device and then select the “properties” option from there. Under the “Driver” option you will be able to find out the list of drivers that are installed there if the sound card is working fine. In case you get stuck somewhere here then you can surely contact the HP laptop repair.

Step 3

In the third step you have to check if the jack of the headphone of the HP laptop is working fine. If the speaker is not able to produce any sound but the sound jack works fine then there is a possibility that there is some sort of problem with the speakers. In such a case you can either use the external speaker or a head phone. Often the plugging and the unplugging of the headphone from the head phone jack makes the HP pavilion laptop start functioning again. In most cases this step will resolve the issue. If it does not then you can get in touch with the HP laptop support number.

HP laptop speakers not working is a common problem and calling the HP laptop troubleshooting in most cases resolves this issue. You can also contact the hp laptop support phone number(+1-844-585-4521) and get the HP laptop printer issue resolved. Calling the HP laptop tech support will also be able to solve a number of issues.


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