Among all the computer services tech support hp has gained enormous popularity in a short period. It has facilitated millions of users. You can get online computer tech support service help only by a single click. But we all know that every coin has two sides tech support has been proved quite beneficial for us but at the same time, it has some drawbacks as well. The most significant disadvantage of this service is the scams of tech support which we are in fact going to discuss in this article.

What is a tech support scam?

First of all, let us discuss in detail about the reality of a scam and its diverse effects as well. A tech support scam is just like being hacked by a cunning hacker who will hack you’re all personal and secret information to blackmail you and get aspired purpose like money and sometimes some crucial information as well.

How can you be caught up in a scam?

Suppose you are using free tech support services or any other online computer tech support service and you get a call one day from an unknown source. Who claimed to be a tech support server or from Microsoft office company and tell you that your computer is infected with a virus and shoeing malfunctioning for instance; doing unlimited and excessive downloads along with that  they advice you to install particular kind of virus protection software that will protect your laptop or PC against viruses.

 If you receive this kind of all it’s nothing but a scam so, beware of this kind of calls. Especially if you are a user of tech support HP than contact us immediately in case of any spam call or blackmailing le us see how can we avoid such sort of frauds.

How to avoid tech support scams?

You can avoid any scam first of all by staying active regarding any mysterious or spammy call. Secondary,   there are some tips that we have listed below for you kindly consider them for your safety:

  • Never trust on random calls especially when you do not have an exact idea about their source.
  • Do not install any unwanted virus protection software
  • Do not share your passwords, or credit card codes with anyone
  • In case of any unusual activity or mysterious immediately contact Microsoft company or tech support service, provider
  • Do not give money to any blackmailer who claims to have your secret information instead call the helpline and inform your server or Microsoft company

Consequences of caught in the scam:

Let us now discuss a bit about the possible results of fraud. The first objective of a scammer is to hack your computer to access your personal, official and all sort of information. After that, they hack all your credit card codes and money resources for the sake of money these sort of scammers can blackmail you harass you and do every some irritating thing which will compel you to agree to his conditions. But it’s your responsibility to be wise, think sensibly and beware if these scams get best online tech support from a secure server.


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