It doesn’t matter what type of printer you have whether it is a wireless printer or wire printer, it will shows a printing failure sometimes. In case your printer doesn’t support it will feel like a frustrating problem. Generally, this problem happens when your printer doesn’t help or printing black page without any documents. However, the hp printer support phone number is mention on the hp websites; if you face a problem, you can call on the given number.

The issue occurs when there is an improper connection or the improver way of printing setting. Sometimes, it is the paper jam issues. Meanwhile, the problem need quickly addressing solution for continuous printing. Behind the printer, you will get the details of this troubleshooting, or you can get hp printer help service.

To Resolve This Issue, You Need To Focus On The Following Step:

  • Use genuine cartridges: it is the recommendation of the hp company to use the genuine toner or ink supplies. In case, you don’t follow this recommendation; you will face a blank paper problem. Only the genuine cartridges provide the best result. When you are using the non-hp cartridges, the hp company can’t provide any guarantee. If you want to check the authenticity problem of your cartridges, you can go to the hp site and check it quickly. Also, you will get the hp printer help.

  • Check the ink level: when the ink level is low, the printer can’t print easily. If the ink level is low, you need to replace it first. In case you are using non-hp ink then you must replace the low cartridges.

  • Clean the printhead: maybe there is a clogged in the printhead. You need to use an automated tool for clean the head. You can also take help from hp printer support service. The following are the steps of cleaning printhead:

  • Load the white paper
  • Touch the next button
  • Select the setup icon
  • Touch the tool
  • Select the printhead cleaning option
  • Check the quality while printing blank paper

These are the step to clean the printhead, in case your problem is still same you can also get help from the hp printer support service.


  • Identify the main problem: if the problem is still same, then you need to go for replacing the cartridge problem. Replace the cartridge to identify the problem. The following are the necessary steps:

  • Review the printing with a test page
  • Check the color blocks and text on the page
  • Identify the main defects

The issue is going to resolve, when you consider the hp printer repair service. When the black cartridge defects then there is a problem in the black ink or when the color blocks defects then there is a problem in the tri-color cartridge. You can also get help while calling on the hp printer support number (+1-844-585-4521). However, a customer support service is specially design for the hp users.




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