Though hp is a famous brand but a printer that does not work can affect our regular available printing tasks and result to disappointment. One may get frustrated while trying to deal with the entire troubleshooting issue. In those conditions when you don’t knew whats wrong with your printer, one needs to explore all the possible solutions in order to fine the exact cause or solutions to the problem. In case you aren’t tech savvy then it is always best to contact hp printer support phone number for any kind of hp printer help or hp printer support rather than dealing it all by oneself.

Lets have a look at some of the basic problems that may arise and can cause you printer to slow don or become irresponsive.

Poor Connection

Connection is the most important factor in relation to the functioning of your printer. We often don’t pay attention to the basic details such as cable or power supply through wires. The unstable connection of your printer or the network in case of wireless printer can be the reason of all the unexpected outcomes.The setup, kind of configuration and all other tech aspects must be taken care of while using a printer.


The printer should always have proper ink, cartridges, paper and toner. Any of these if missing can prevent operation of any printing function. Hence it is necessary to keep track of the printer setting and modify them as and when the need rises.In case of any shortage one should replace the consumables. Other than that sometimes some temporary errors such as paper jam or other can block the printer that needs to be recovered immediately.

Printing Queues

Sometimes the queue of jobs gets sucked and the entire list of jobs gets paused. To check any such printing tasks one needs to look after the on screen printing manager. The pauses needs to be cleared manually and forcefully. Check the printing manager and remove the particular job that is causing the entire queue to get into hold function.

Driver software

Drivers are the essential part of the printing system that is responsible for maintenance of health connection between the computer  and printer. It needs regular updating and upgrading to work properly in collaboration with the operating system. More, it is always a good choice to use up the official website for downloading of authorised drivers for your HP printer.

Case of Emergency

In any case of the situation is not in your control then the HP Printer customer support is the best choice to get a perfect solution for any kind of concern.

In the case of emergency:

If you are stuck at a points when the situation is no longer in your control, the hp printer support number (+1-844-585-4521) is the right choice to get a perfect solution for your concern of hp printer support or hp printer help. The experts will help you in such a way that you feel there was never a problem with your printer.


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