Customers often face the issue of using printers if they do not have the required drivers which are essential for using the printers. HP Printer drivers are a must to get the most of your printer. Also, you need to have the correct printer driver as per the model of your computer and the printer that you own. This is important because printer drivers are plays a role in maintaining the smooth functioning of your printer. It would prevent any kind of interruption and work efficiently. For any kind of Hp Printer problems or Hp Printer Support you can contact the hp printer support phone number.

Why printer drivers are important?

Every hp printer is in need of a particular driver that shall be compatible with the printer. If the printer being used by you is complete a new then you can consider downloading the best suited driver for your printer. In other case if you are using it already then you can consider re-installing it again. Another better option is to update it to the latest version. If there is any kind of problem regarding the use of hp printer or hp printer support then do follow the hp printer support.

Steps to download printer driver

You may also refer to the steps given below if you want to know the process of downloading a suitable version for your HP Printer.

  • Visit HP official site to begin downloading HP drivers for your printer. Select the driver that you need form Software and drivers options.
  • Get the model number and name of your device to go through the different available printer driver options.
  • Move to your driver download page and then click on the ‘download drivers and software’ option after which you ned to type in your HP printer’s model number.
  • After this keep following the onscreen instruction one by one as shown in the screen to access the driver download page.
  • The next step would be to download the executable driver file in your hard disk as per the requirement. Finally install the driver in your computer for smooth performance.
  • After completing the downloading of our driver install the driver on your device.

Make sure that you download the driver form trusted sources otherwise it can lead to security issues.

Steps to install printer driver

  • If your printer driver is loaded in a CD hen place the Cd in your computers disc drive and simply keep following the onscreen instructions.
  • But if you got it from the website of a manufacturer then you can simply run it by double clicking the given icons.
  • Once your installation process is over, restart your computer to check that all the printers and drivers are properly implemented and are also running in a perfect way.
  • You also do need to find the latest driver for the device. It can be time consuming as it is not always easily available to find the drivers on a regular basis.

In any kind of problem the hp customer care is available to provide hp support.


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