This 3F0 Error Code on HP Devices occurs when your device fails while performing checking on each of the device for the purpose of required bootable files for the PC to verify whether another device is found or not. Further, you should know that the BIOS are configured to specify the order of the computer in which they will be accessed for bootable hardware devices. The most common form of bootable devices is the external USB drive, internal hard drive, optical CD/DVD ROM drive and the network adapter. Also, you should know that this issue can occur too when the computer BIOS checks for all the listed devices but shall not be able to find all the bootable files. The error “Boot Device Not Found” is also known by 3F0 code.  For any kind of assistance or HP tech Support you can reach out to our HP technical support phone number.

Steps to Fix HP NoteBook Error Code 3F0

Step 1: Perform the Hard Reset

A hard or one may call it as a forced reset which functions by erasing all information in the computer memory and may restore functionality in normal mode.

The next thing to do is to reset or restart the computer so that all the connections both hardware and software are refreshed and the connections are checked again.

Step 2: Restoration of the BIOS Default Settings

Here are the steps that you need to follow to restore the BIOS settings:

Turn off the PC device first and then, wait for at-least five seconds to take the affect.

Now, press the “Power” button to start the computer and keep pressing the “F10 key” to enter the “BIOS setup’ menu.

The next step would be to move on to the screen of BIOS setup and then press the F9 button to load the BIOS setup setting which are in default case in a proper manner.

Users are now request to hit on the “F10 key” to “Save and Exit” from the particular section.

Work with all the arrow keys to press on the Yes button and tap on the “Enter’ button when asked to “Exit Saving Changes”

Follow all the instruction to restart your PC device now.

Step 3: Test the hard drive

Now perform a thorough test of the hard drive with the help of HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI tool which will enable users to perform a test of all the main components of the computer by selecting quick tests or longer mode.

Step 4: Reset the hard drive

This could also possible if the computer is completely jam and hard drive connections are loose then it can lead to such error

Step 5: HP Technical Support System Recovery

Now at last, perform a system recovery process

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