In this article you will learn how to refill HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 74, 75 and 301 OEM cartridges of HP printer from the team of our hp printer support. If you want to do work on printer or take out prints, remember the important things before starting the work. Operate the printer by following the steps. When you refill the cartridge make sure the ink is level is zero so that you can properly measure the ink level. If you want to refill the cartridge with colorful inks all you have to do is switch the pigments to do the dye. hp printer driver has unique adapter to remove the bubbles of air from the cartridge. An effective syringe is also available with hp printer software which helps in refilling the ink. At the top of the HP printer there is an ink outlet which is known as ‘one-way damper’. In this damper a flow of ink is created in one direction that is from cartridge to outlet. Hp printer needs ink for the work of printing. It is easily detected by windows if there is sufficient ink available for printing.

What we offer!

Hp printer software also provides transparent cartridge. We also provide practice cartridge, you have to contact hp printer support to get hold of it. HP will send you a 20 ml syringe after the payment of money. To use the syringe you have to push air from the outlet until the membrane of the damper is fractured. We also have a syringe of 10 ml. This syringe is available for $100. We tried this ‘membrane fracture’ process first and the result was disastrous. The one-way damper damaged the cartridge case and pops out.

How to fill the cartridges?

Hp printer help our clients in adding the ink to the cartridge. The cartridge is divided into various small chambers. First take out the cover of the cartridge. You will see there are main three spaces. When you add the ink to the chamber number two, it will flow to chamber number one. You have to add some ink in number three chamber so that the windows can detect ink.In any real refill, you don’t have to take of the cover. For any queries you can contact on hp printer support phone number +1-844-585-4521. At the top of hp there is an air vent. It is not airtight. The seal also do not require any airtight condition. First, we have to fill the 10 ml of cartridge with ink. Now, you have to use your thumb to put some pressure on the chamber number three. Give it a squeeze until the ink comes down and the window is covered. The cover of hp is very soft and you can squeeze it without any trouble.

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