In your working days, you need to print out your document, as it is your presentation or it may be your important meeting. You suddenly click the print button, and your printer is offline then you need to check first the status of printer whether all connection is connected with properly. If your hp printer says offline, then you need to focus on some precaution.

However, if you are one of the bugging issues, then you need to find out the proper solution so that it might be work in your way. When your hp printer offline, you need to check the following aspect first:

  1. First check the connection: When the printer turns offline, you can’t be able to fulfill your printing command. However, the printer’s offline status tells that there is something technical issue. So it is quite a dangerous task for you because of unable to know the problem, so best option is to check the printer’s connection first. Check the power button and restart it. In case, your printer is connected to the USB cable, then first check the cable connection. If you don’t know how to start, you can get the hp printer help.
  1. Check the status of the printing: sometimes a printer can deliver the auto-update facility and window automatically changes the setting, without any notification. It will create troubleshoot the problem at the time of printing documents, so you need to check the status first. Sometimes you need hp printer support service for the best solution.
  1. Restart the service of Print pooler: sometimes, you don’t even know that why your printer stops working, it might be the reason of print spooler service unable. Meanwhile, turn on the service to enjoy the latest facility of printing. When you reset the print spooler service first, you need to check the working sautés. If still the same situation, you need to reset it again.
  1. Go for the option of repair: when your printer’s connection turns offline, maybe it is the reason for technical problem mean you need to go for the possibility of repair maintenance. However, hp printer repair can repair your printer thoroughly.
  1. Plug-in another printer: if you found any non-suitable method then you need to move forward toward the new printer option. Maybe it is the reason for some technical default. It is not an issue that you can reset the manual IP address. Usually, go for the manual research and try to connect with the HP webpage if there is still troubleshoot. The hp printer help support service, definitely provide the best solution.

If your hp printer says offline, then you need to focus the above points first. Maybe you can find the exact solution.  It is a troubleshoot error when your printer’s connection lost. You are worried about this and want a solution as soon as possible. However, there is also hp printer support phone number +1-844-585-4521 available, all of you need to visit the webpage first.


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