Hp has some of the best accessories such as laptops, desktops , printers and other accessories. The brand hp is well known all over the world and is famous for the kind of offers they provide. However, often customers all over the world face a lot of issues while using hp printers or other accessories. But there is no need to worry as you can get complete hp computer support by reaching out at their hp computer support number.

What is computer block problem?

Computer clock problem is quite common and can be due to the software installed, the hardware or the driver related problems. Well, if there is any kind of problem then the first thing to do is to resolve the issue as soon as possible rather than thinking about the reasons that led to the problem. If there is any kind of issues then the best way to sort it is by reaching out to hp computer support number by simply clicking for nay kind of hp computer support.

Now let us see what are the reasons and what we can do to solve this kind of problem.

Steps to help resolve this issue.

  • select the hours as shown in the taskbar and then select the link to change the time and date settings.
  • Click on the change time zone and verify that the time zone selected is correct.
  • check box the automatically adjust the clock for daylight saving time if it is not already selected. Click ok button.
  • navigate to the internet time tab and select change settings.
  • In case you need to enter the admin password then type it out before confirming.
  • Next thing to do is to change the settings that had been set for the automatic synchronisation with the internet time server.
  • Check off the box in case it is already checked in.
  • Check the option in case it is not checked.
  • Elect the ok button and then reboot the entire system.

Assure final checking

To assure that your time setting is working completely fine check the computer clock to find out if the issue is still persisting. In case the timing is perfect then your work is done. It is good to use it now.

If by any chance the problem is not resolved then contact the hp computer support phone number for any kind of hp computer tech support.

The hp computer support is available 24 * 7 and is always there to provide instant support to their customers and look after their satisfaction until it is completely resolved.


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