When you are working on your HP laptop, and suddenly your laptop says the battery is low even though you have just been using the laptop for just an hour or so, that means your laptop’s battery is at fault and there are things that are halting its performance and hp laptop repair is needed. This can be quite dangerous when you are on the road and you need to use the laptop. HP laptops can run up to 3-4 hours without a charger, and if your laptop is not running that long then you need to follow a few steps.

Ways you can increase the battery time of your laptop:

There are many things you can do about fixing your battery like getting extra batteries. But, the following are the steps you should follow to get your hp laptop repair done by taking care of the battery:

Change your browser or use few tabs:

If you have realized your battery is running low more than usual, then that means either your browser is taking up too much power or you are going beyond the number of tabs capacity. Try a different browser and make sure to use fewer tabs.

End apps and processes that are taking too much power:

However, hp laptop troubleshooting find the problem by opening Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and inspect which processes are running for no reason. Carefully get rid of these processes and kill them. Another way you can increase battery time is to uninstall programs that you haven’t been using.

Unplug other devices:

Another way your battery gets consumed too much is because of external devices such as a headphone, mobile, Bluetooth etc. Get rid of these devices, especially when you are on the road.

Decrease the brightness of your laptop’s screen:

With the help of hp laptop customer service you can check if the brightness of your laptop is at max because this can drain the battery fast. Make sure to change your brightness to an optimal level where you can work properly as well as save your battery time.

Choose the classic windows look:

Widows come in various themes. Like the aero theme, or windows 7 theme etc. There is always the windows classic theme which can reduce the amount of ram being used, and ultimately reduce the amount of battery being used as well. Hence, consider choosing the classic windows look.

Choose to hibernate instead of sleep:

According to hp laptop help forums, when you make the laptop sleep it still consumes battery because the memory is still working. In hibernate mode, the laptop saves itself and shuts down—no memory is used and the battery life isn’t lost.

Keep the air vents clean:

When the laptop doesn’t have good circulation of air, the air starts to clog up and the laptops start to overheat. This can make the laptop work even more than it has too which can ultimately take too much power and reduce the hp laptop battery lifetime.

Unplug the charger when it has charged 100%:

Many people tend to forget to unplug the charger which can greatly damage the battery permanently. Make sure to unplug the charger when it reaches 100%. If you have just known this, then first get your battery to 0% and then recharge it till 100% and unplug it. Make this a habit if you want to increase the battery life.

If the problem still persists then contact the hp laptop support number (+1-844-585-4521) for a better solution


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