When printed material lodged or gets stuck into HP Printer, then this term is known as paper jam issue. Whenever you face this issue, your printer can’t be able to work correctly, until you removed. However, a paper jam is the most common issue, which can happen almost with everyone.

So if you want to use your printer without any problem, first you need to solve the paper jam issue of HP tech support number. Probably, it is a fact that working with any printer you might be stuck with a paper jam or a particular issue, so avoiding these issues you need to focus on the following aspects:

Tip no 1: remove the paper from loading tray:

If you are facing the jam paper problem, first check the loading try and remove extra papers, then check the issue. So, the input tray has fewer burdens, and your automatic document feeder can work properly.

Tip no 2: press the Resume button:

At the top of the HP Printer support number, there are many button options; you need to choose the resume button so that the printing can stop working and can resume working easily.

Tip no 3: smoothly remove the stuck paper:

When you are removing the stuck paper must keep in mind that you need to remove only one sheet at one time because the printer need smoothly working procedure, if you create any hurdles it can’t be work correctly.

Tip no 4: recheck the sheet:

When all the sheets are removed properly must check the remaining bit of papers in HP Printer support that all the paper removed adequately or not because it can create a problem if the jammed paper is not entirely eliminated.

Reasons for paper jam:

Meanwhile, HP tech support need more care when it is using because these are more susceptible printers. These have individual systems, but the fact is these are not designed for heavy use. When you are using high resolution, you may face paper jam problem. There are multiple of reasons regarding paper jam; some are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes dirty paper rolling
  • Doesn’t focus the paper direction
  • Incorrect paper type
  • Overloaded papers
  • Wring tray using
  • Used damaged papers
  • Pulling backward

Clear the jammed paper from printer rear:

In case, you can not find any jam paper from the loading tray; you need to apply some tricks to clear them from printer’s rear. Usually, HP Printer has a two-sided accessory or rear access door on the HP printer’s back. There are two main options:

  • First, remove the panel of rear access:

Just locate the access tab, which is available on the HP printer’s back, if there is any knob you need to unlock it then go for the HP printer repair option:

  • Carefully pull out the jam paper.
  • Replace the rear panel smoothly.
  • Remove the printing accessories from both sides:
  • First press on the released button
  • After that remove the panel button
  • Check the location of small paper bits
  • At the end push the module from the back of the printer.















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