A printer is such a device which is mandatory in offices and organizations along with being used at home for our schools. Now, with the popularity of printer, it has also become essential to take proper care of it during utilization. HP Printers are very compatible and versatile but are also equally prone to some errors which require HP Printer Support. To handle some common types of HP Printer Problems the company has come up with some diagnostic tools which can help you fix a lot of similar issues. Now let’s have a look at these tools.

HP Support Assistant

This is one of the free tools which help to maintain and troubleshoot any HP Printer Problems or Computer errors. This particular software has been designed merely to tackle these kinds of situations. Other than troubleshooting and running diagnostic it can be used to access product specifications, and check if the warranty of the product is still intact.

Follow the steps below to use HP Support Assistant

  • Search windows for HP to start or check if it is installed.
  • If it is not installed, go to HP Support Assistant to download and install. (Same for Non HP Computers)
  • After installation adds your computer to the list of devices.
  • Click the icon of your printer to access many helpful troubleshooting tools.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

This is a free tool provided by HP to diagnose and resolve scanning and printing problems in case of HP Printers. This can perform multiple troubles shooting automatically. Though this is a free tool, it isn’t compatible with all versions of windows.

The steps involved here are

  • Connect your printer to the computer.
  • Download and install HP Print and Scan Doctor
  • Select your printer icon after starting.
  • Click on Fix Printing or scanning.
  • In case a checkmark is displayed it means that the printer is excellent.
  • If the icon shown is that of a wrench, then it indicates that some errors have been fixed.
  • In case of any other sign follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the issue.

HP Toolbox

This is full package software which is available with HP Printers.

Follow the steps given here to use the tool.

Search windows for HP or to select your printer from the list of search results.

  • Open HP Toolbox
  • If you have HP LaserJet printer, then click Tools and Advance settings.
  • If you have HP Ink Jet printer, then click Print and Scan Tab and click maintain your printer.
  • If you have HP Solution printer, then click Tools and then Printer Toolbox.
  • Next, you can check the various options available for each of the tab according to the type of your printer.

These given tools are beneficial for HP printer support. For any HP printer tech support, the user can contact the HP printer support number. Additionally, for any tool related information, customers can contact HP Printer Support Phone number.


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