With so vigorous and jam packed usage of printers in our regular life it becomes very difficult to have proper maintenance of printers  and the with time it becomes more and more difficult t keep its maintenance proper as the bills keep on increasing and it becomes a really expensive affair.

Some Tips That Might Help For Proper Maintenance Of HP Printers As HP Printer Support Are:

  • Cleaning the printer from inside

It sound very simple to keep the printer clean from inside but it is one of the most effective tasks one can do to keep the printer working and increasing its lasting period. It’s very important to remove the debris from inside to keep it clean

  • Using good quality papers

A 20lb paper is all what is sufficient to keep the printer working and it is suitable for most printing jobs. A low quality paper can cause jams and end up damaging the printer.

  • Storing the paper in a low humid environment

High environmental humidity can make the papers stick to each other and if these papers are put into the printer it will cause printer jams and lead to paper feed errors.

  • Refraining the use of worn and torn out papers

Damaged paper can lead to paper jams. Any time a paper jam occurs, there’s a possibility that something else on the printer can break. To prevent jams and other problems, it’s always suggested to not use bent or torn out papers.

  • Using high quality labels

When printing on label stock, eliminate as many bends in the paper path as possible. If the printer has an additional paper exit path that eliminates the labels passing around another roller, you should use it. Reducing the number of rollers that label stock passes around will reduce the possibility of a label peeling off the backing paper and sticking to something inside of the printer.

  • Replacement of old and worn rollers

When rollers are near to the end of their lives it becomes very important to replace them with some new rollers so that the problem of paper jam is not revisit. In laser printers rollers normally have a life expectancy that is as long as the printer maintenance kits. Therefore if you change the roller when you change the maintenance kit you shouldn’t have too many problems with feed rollers.

  • Use care when replacing parts

Because printers are made of breakable materials like plastic you should use care when assembling or repairing them. This is especially true when working with covers and cases because the small tabs that hold them in place are easy to break.

If these measures still don’t work hp printer support guide can help. Hp printer support number is also available for any details regarding the maintenance of the printer. Hp printer support number (+ 1-8441-5851-4521) is a toll free number and can be contacted anytime. Hp printer repair services are very effective and helpful.


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