Nowadays quite a few people use a USB connection from laptop to printer. The major advantage of using USB cable of data cable is that it allows to connect various devices like cameras, printers, scanners etc.  This article will provide you the solution when HP LaserJet p1102w is not working with USB connection.

If any error is found either from the computer or from the printer, the device manager will display a yellow colored triangle. At first you need to resolve the issue on your computer.

Another solution is to perform a clean installation process. For this you need to unplug or disconnect the USB cable from your printer. Then right click start on the computer and select “programs and features”, followed by clicking on HP LaserJet printer entries. You need to uninstall all the entries. Again right click on “start” and select control panel and click on “hardware and sound”. You have to select devices and printers- after selecting all the entries remove the device. Repeat the same step, go to the Run window and enter “c:/programdata”, click on HP folder and then remove any printer related folders and files. Reboot your system and again reinstall the software connection. Then again connect the USB port and thoroughly follow the instructions to complete the process. If you find any difficulties, kindly check with hp printer support. You can also login to the website of hp printer support and send them your problems.

This type of printer not printing with USB cable issue may occur if the printer is not properly configured on the network. You need to try the resetting of the printing system. Click on start and then select on control panel. Go to hardware and sound and then select “devices and printers.”

Press right click button on the printer and then select “reset printing system” after that click “ok” to proceed. If you face any issue to follow these steps, you can simply dial on to hp printer support phone number Just call on hp printer support number (+1-844-585-4521). By following these steps you will learn how to fix the printer issue by own.

If the USB is not working, kindly make sure that port is working properly and it is plugged in to your computer properly. Before using your printer check power cables and also verify the USB hub. Make sure that both the USB device and the hub are in same speed.

If the device does not contain any power cord and is connected to a USB device that does not have a power cord. Then connect the device into your system’s USB port directly or you can also connect to a USB device that has a power cord.

You may also verify on each printer icon to see if it is connected properly to USB. Click on start and then select control panel. After that click hardware and sound. Select deices and printers and then click the printer option and select properties. Please consult with hp printer help if you are unable to proceed with the above steps.


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