For HP printers the print spooler error 1053 is a standard issue while printing any documents. Meanwhile, it can occur at the time when you are going to install the new printer. There are many reasons for software errors occur; just you need to remember the variation of time. The hp printer support service is the best option to resolve the HP printer spooler error.

However, the print spooler errors tell that the registration is unsuccessful. You need to consider the multiple ways to control the service manager or tackle it quickly. However, the hp printer support number is specially designed for hp users.

The print spooler is a way of communicating with the computer or the hp printer. If this service create troubleshoots the problem, then you need to resolve the issue or install the new printer software. The hp printer support service was the best option when you stuck in any problem regarding spooler error. For inbuilt window service, the print spooler error 1053 occurs sometime. Choose the effective way to overcome the problem.

How Can You Resolve The Problem?

Focus on the practical method, which can perform the task in a shortage of time.

Service Page:

The first step is to open the service page. With hp printer help you can quickly go through the whole process because of best instruction. The following are the necessary step of page opening:

  • You need to click on the start button
  • Click on the computer after that click on the Manage button
  • Choose the option of Service and Application
  • In the right side, the side panel option is listed

Configuration page of Print Spooler

Open the print spooler service page for configuration of the further process.

  • On the service page, there is a navigate displayer that is a print spooler
  • You need to click on the print spooler option
  • After that allow the configuration service

Uncheck the service option

You need to uncheck the allowed service, which is mention on the desktop

  • Under the configuration, you need to click on the login button
  • Uncheck the allow service option
  • After that click on the Apply button

Start the service:

Start the printer spooler service for resolving the problem. The following are the steps

  • Click on the start button
  • Click on the apply button
  • Select the OK

When you are going through the whole process, you can efficiently resolve the issue. In the end, you need grant permission for fixing the error. If you have any issue regarding the problem, you need to contact on the hp printer support number (+1-844-585-4521).

When you are performing the step by step procedure, you can solve the print spooler issue. In case, your problem is not resolved you need to contact the tech support service and get the professional help. First, you need to restart the spooler service, so that you can get rid of different issues.


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