When the Printer Ink Cartridges is not installed properly then Error C4EBA341 takes place.

There are various issues which causes this problem. Some of them issues are – the lost of CD driver issue, broken printer problem, or when the cable is broken or also when the printer spooler service is not running properly. During this time do call the service men for hp printer repair. They would be there to help you out in regards to this.

Hp printer tech support will now show you how to slove your problem when it is showing Error C4EBA341. So to repair your issue by yourself, read the description below or you can well call hp printer repair people who can well guide you too.

Step 1: Manage the printer

  1. Turn on the printer first.
  2. Wait until the printer goes in the idle state or in silent position before you start working with it.
  3. Now, when the printer will be turned on, you have to disconnect the power cord from the rear f the printer. Now you unplug the power cord from the wall outlet carefully.
  4. Give your computer 60 sec rest.
  5. Now again plug in the power cord into the wall outlet.

Step 2: Power cord will be reconnected

  1. HP top professionals are need to connect the printer power cord carefully which is directly to the wall outlet area, if there is a problem one can connect to hp printer support number.
  2. Now reconnect the power cord to the rear space of the printer.
  3. Now, turn on the printer, if the printer is not turned automatically then call hp printer support number. Then maybe you see that your printer is going through the warm – up phase and then suddenly the light of the printer will start flashing and the carriage might move.
  4. Now wait until the process completes. Then the printer will automatically get into an idle state as well as in the silent mode before you opt for the next step.

If still you want any supervisor help then do connect with the family of HP Printer- hp printer support number.

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