HP Laptops are available in a huge range of models with varying costs and variety. One just needs to check out the world of HP. You would surely find products beyond you even know. One can then decide in accordance to the choice that he or she made. These laptops have their brand image and that grew over time. A lot of struggle followed the success.HP laptops provide full services to the users from buying to repair and maintenance. For any kind of HP laptop support or hp laptop repair one can contact the hp laptop customer service.

What is overclocking?

‘Overclocking’ is defined as the way that helps to enhance the speed of the system. Sometimes due to work pressure the system performance reduces. But to reduce this problem the perfect method is overclocking.

Ways to overclocking

  • Switch on the power button when you see the black white screen on parts of your screen and choose delete to get access to the motherboard BIOS. Next navigate tot he main menu an choose the advanced Tools option to go to the “CPU Multiplier” tool.
  • Raise the CPU Multiplier by one step. Confirm changes made by choosing F10 and restart the system.
  • Another option available if downloading the “Prime 95 “ and then run it in the system. After a few minutes make the torture test feature to enable it.
  • In such a case if our system crashes then that means that the system is not compatible with overclocking system. Follow the above steps and then press F10 and then Restart option.
  • If the system does not get crashed then choose Cpu Multiplier and increase the value by one step. Now follow the same procedure and choose F10 to restart the system again.

There are a number of steps that the user needs to follow for any kind of query related issues. Other than this for any other kind of hp laptop support or hp laptop repair one should contact the hp laptop support number.

Some Common HP Problems

  • Some common HP problems include protection of your HP computer or removal of virus spyware or others.
  • Following other procedures to remove virus from hP Poor laptop and at the same time also contact customer care of their is any kind of problem.
  • Steps to follow to remove all viruses form your hP computer.
  • Support regarding the removal of spyware.
  • Knowing the tips and tricks to take proper care of the laptop and maintain it well.
  • Looking after the process of removal of trojan virus from the computer.


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