Printing scenario has changed in these days and users need not more worry about the absence of router for their HP Printers. Wireless printing is made easy by the smart features accompanied by the HP Printers. These two smart features that make printing possible without a router are “HP wireless direct” along with “HP Wi-Fi direct”. These two features can be used in printing without facing any difficult if a user takes the help of HP printer support incase if they need help. These features are accessible only if a direct wireless network connection is established between printer and Wi-Fi enabled devices. HP printer help will assist the users in using this feature in a perfect manner.

How to connect HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi direct to Wi-Fi enabled devices?

In order to print wireless, it is essential to connect HP printers to the Wi-Fi enabled devices to use these two amazing features. Here are the steps to connect:

  1. The first and the foremost step is to turn on either HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi direct, which can be done through the printer’s control panel.
  2. Then the next most important step is to turn on Wi-Fi in computer or mobile device and connect it with one of the feature, in a similar process as it is done in the case of other wireless network.
  3. In case if the computer or mobile device is protected with HP wireless direct security, then it is required to enter WPA2 as a password.
  4. In case if it is not done in such a way then it is essential to install printer software for PC, if using PC, while print application of latest version for mobile if using smart phone.
  5. Now from the printer software UI it is required to select “Wireless” as connectivity option.

If Printer is connected with Network connection

In case if the printer is connected with the network connection along with software from first only then below mentioned are the steps to be followed:

  1. Now the only necessity is to connect computer or smart phone to the Wi-Fi direct or HP wireless connection.
  2. So in this case there will not be any additional software to be installed and the computer is connected to home network along with printer, but not both at same time.

If connect later option is chosen

In case if the option of connect later is chosen while installation of the software or if it is connected with a USB cable connection, following are the steps to be followed to connect with HP Wi-Fi Direct or Wireless Direct.

  1. Only it is required to connect to the HP wireless direct or Wi-Fi direct connection.
  2. The most important thing is to use the correct configuration settings according to the user’s computer operating system otherwise which may result in permanent failure. In this case, hp printer support is also available. HP printer help is available 24/7 to avail their service.


In this way, wireless printing is possible through HP Printers using their smart features. In this process if user faces hp printer problems then they can take help from hp printer customer service at any time. Users are just required to call on hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521) and connect to use wireless printing facility.


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