When summer comes, you can be sure that it will increase the temperature in everything, from your body temperature to the temperature of electrical as well as mechanical devices. One such device that will really suffer during this season is the HP computer that you have as they are more prone to getting overheated in summer. You should try to fix this simple problem all by yourself instead of contact the hp computer support system.

8 steps you can do to keep your computer cool:

Keeping your HP laptop cool in the summer season can be quite beneficial as it will prevent the computer from any hardware failure. Here are the following steps you should take to keep your hp computer overheating:

Step no. 1: Clean your computer from dust

Dust can clog the air inside the PC. If air cannot move freely inside the PC then it will start to get hot, gradually and before you know it, your computer starts to overheat. Make sure to clean your PC carefully to remove all the dust, occasionally.

Step no. 2: Increase the number of fans

If your PC is running slow even though it has no dust problem then that means it needs an extra fan. Mostly, manufacturers leave a space for an additional fan to prevent the laptop or pc from overheating.

Step no. 3: Start checking your fans from time-to-time

Everyone should make a habit of checking their PC’s fans. A routine check is recommended to make sure the fans are working at optimal levels because every now and then fans can burn out. Often symptoms don’t come too early, but if you can identify if your fans are not working well then you can save yourself by calling hp computer support service.

Step no. 4: Do not enclose your HP computer or laptop

Some desks make the PC congested and claustrophobic even though they might look aesthetic. These desks can prevent the circulation of air, as a result, the pc can get overheated. Hence, make sure to not enclose your HP computer.

Step no. 5: Put the computer in hibernate mode when not in use

Make your computer go into hibernate mode when you are not using it. This can be quite beneficial as it will control the heat and on top of that, it will save energy.

Step no. 6: Use short cables instead of long ones

Do hp computer repair with short cables—long cables have a habit of making the pc claustrophobic and congested. They also sometimes come in contact with other devices which can stop the circulation of air inside the PC. Make sure to change the long cables to shorter ones to prevent the airflow from being stopped.

Step no. 7: Utilize cable guards

Cable guards are very helpful. With the help of cable guards, you can better organize your cables in one direction so that they do not tangle with each other inside the PC and stop the circulation of air.

Step no. 8: If all else fails, call HP support

This is the last and the final step and should only be opted when all the other steps fail. Contact on the hp computer support number (+1-844-585-4521) and ask a professional as to what extra steps you can take to keep your laptop cool in summer.


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