You should know about the technical steps in setting the HP printer. There are times when the desktop or the network engineer will do the configuration of the HP printer on the corporate network. For the same you can call up the HP printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). Even the normal people have to go for the HP printer installation. In case you have to do so you should know how difficult the process is. For the reason you have to make use of the LED display and the limited number of buttons. To have a best understanding of the same you can talk with the expert by calling the HP printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521).

Method of Installation

The worst part of the HP installation is that it lacks keyboard. For this you can approach HP printer help. In this case you have to cycle through the 255 digits for configuration of the single octet as part of the IP address. At times when you process things too fast you have to go through 255 times by rapid using of the pushing up key. However, there is the provision of doing things easily with the kind of HP printer help. You can even save your sanctity by making use of the telnet interface as part of the HP printer.

Installing in the DHCP Mode

Now it is time we go through the process of HP printer installation. The first thing you have to do is to plug in the power and even the Ethernet connection. All the network capable HP printers will by default go to the DHCP mode. In case you are not able to do things right you can make use of the HP printer support number. This will automatically acquire the IP address on any sort of DHCP enabled network. You can even get tiny home networks which come with the inexpensive routers and they are even assigned with the DHCP assigned IP addresses.

Following the Process

Next you even need to find out the IP address of the printer and this can be obtained automatically. However, there are several ways you can do the same. The perfect way is to get the printer in possession to let you know about the address by the printing of the network configuration report. In doing so if things are not right you can call for the HP printer repair. In case of HP 4250 you can make use of the push Menu. If you are not able to maintain the process you can seek for HP printer repair.

About the DHCP Range

In case you cannot touch the HP printer because it is there in the remote location it is not at all a problem. With the kind of HP printer tech support you come to know about the DHCP range and you can even take a look at the DHCP server at the best. You can be able to see the IP address obtained by the printer. It is the kind of empty network and first you have to opt for the available IP as part of the DHCP range and the printer will also act in the similar way.


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