Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) is a semi chip of battery power, means it can store the configuration of system’s battery. All of you need to set the BIOS setting first. However, the CMOS is considered as the backbone of the hp laptop battery. When you have corrupted data, the CMOS battery can be damaged. There are many ultimate ways of removing the CMOS battery; if you don’t know about the process, you can take help from hp laptop customer service.

Meanwhile, it is a compulsory task to take care your CMOS battery. What you will have to do when the battery is corrupted? with the help of hp laptop repair service, you can quickly resolve the issue. The following step is to consider for removing the old one battery and install the new one.

1. Plug Off The Power Button:

First and the foremost thing turn off the power and disconnect all devices, which are connected to the hp laptop like a scanner, printer, mouse and so on. Also, discount the power source like A/C adaptor. The main thing is to save from the isolate of any electronic intrusions. The hp laptop troubleshooting tells the main problem.

2. Put Your Gloves:

Care comes first so you will be safe from electric instruction or any danger. Put the rubber gloves in your hand before focus on battery. Make sure that you are using rubber gloves the reason behind this it can be safe from electric shock. It is better to secure yourself instead of apologies.

3. Locate the battery:

Turn off the laptop so you can quickly locate the battery. To remove it you need to unhinge from latches. With the hp laptop help, you can quickly find the whole process of battery eliminating or fixing.

In the backside of the hp laptop, the battery system is placed. Meanwhile, the connected latches are not sturdy instead of power bank. Gently unlock the two locks and put the battery comes out. Make sure that you are doing this whole process smoothly. If you don’t know how to locate you can contact on the hp laptop support number.

4. Replaced the new one:

Once you have removed the old one battery, you need to replace the new one. First, check that whether the old one battery is completed isolated, you need to place it without contaminations. With hp laptop help you can smoothly go with your process.

At this time, you don’t need to touch the device, leave the battery for 30 minutes. If the battery condition is still same, then you need to consider the new one battery. When you placed the new battery, make sure that the latches are suitably connected. The hp laptop repair services are specially designed for hp users.

Meanwhile, the whole process takes 30-40 minutes. If the CMOS battery is not running, you need to contact directly through hp laptop support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). Definitely you will get you’re the best solution.




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