There are couple of ways you can stop the HP laptop from unexpected shutting down. There is the necessity of HP laptop repair to make things work out for the best. One can prevent the laptop from shutting down suddenly specially at the time when the CPU is doing lots of intensive work. It is a matter of shame that most of the contemporary CPUs are not able to do their power management. For the reason they get over heated and shut down instantly without giving the warning. Here one is in need of HP laptop repair.

Halting of the HP Laptop

The problem tends to persist when the laptop becomes older. This is when you are in need of the HP laptop support number, so that you can get the laptop repaired in time. When the laptop gets old there is dust on the internal cooling channels. However, once the CPU starts functioning, the laptop fan stops working with a kick. There whole machine makes a sound as if it has gone out of service. After some time the fan will lose the heat removal battle and the CPU will shut down completely. This is when you need a solution to fix the problem rightly.

First Solution to Follow

As a solution you have to limit the function of CPU. This is the software you get in Windows 7. The software will instruct the OS to limit the amount of hard work when working on the processor. Then you can click on the Start Button on the windows and type the power options. You can even make a selection of the control panel item with the similar name. After a short delay it will start searching and then you can click on change plan setting, and cause a change in the Advanced Power Setting.

Second Solution in Offer

In the next step you have the solution of cleaning up. You can even call the HP laptop help and ask for a solution. HP comes with the detailed service manual in case of the Elitebook 8440p. You will have to conduct a web search for the file:HP-8440p-maintenance-guide.pdf. Then it is time to select the top rated PDF result and this belongs to one of the websites. You have the vital sections to clean up. These are 4-1: Preliminary replacement requirements; 4-35: Fan and heat sink. There is no need to remove the heat sink. You just need to clean the area of the fan and even wipe out the airways.

Taking the Precaution

In case, you find that things have stopped working suddenly, there is no need to do things too hard. You can at once give a call to HP laptop customer service +1-844-585-4521.If you are not sure there is no need to try out things unnecessarily. Om a single call the technician will be at your place to address the issue rightly. He is the man to explain things in details and make the laptop functional once more.


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