Printers are used for printing various documents or application forms or resumes for interview purposes. They are used by huge number of people at one time or the other for various reasons. They have very important role in day-to-day life and used in various places such as companies, educational places, stores or offices or homes and many others. There are huge numbers of printer brands available to select one from them; users show interest in HP brand due to its usage of brand new technology in it. HP printers which are available in various models are efficient enough to provide work accurately and on time without fail. These printers in general do not have any issues, unless there is some problem either in wiring or connecting the ink cartridges. In case if there are any hp printer problems then they will be addressed by hp printer customer service. Instant assistance is available by the technical support team of professionals by dialing on to hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-452).

HP printers when malfunction, most of the time they are easily solved by following the troubleshooting steps only. In case if it is a major issue then the better idea is to stop solving on own and start taking the help of hp customer service, at any point of the time. The hp printer service is available 24 x 7 for solving the printer issues that are encountered while working on it. Though there are many issues which will be encountered by the hp printer users, the two important and most common ones are slow printing and addressing wrong printer. Let’s check how to solve these two commonly encountered issues HP printers.

Solving slow printing issue of HP printer

Printing is slow means a lot of time is wasted along with a negative impact on the work which need to be done.  It happens due to the incorrect printing settings by the user, however these settings will be changing from one model to the other. In this case help from hp printer support team is required to set them properly. However, if effective steps are followed then this problem can addressed with an efficient solution. It is as mentioned below:

  1. Firstly select Print and Properties then reduce the printing quality from settings.
  2. Next check to select the option of printing from websites without graphics.
  3. Adding RAM to the printer also solves this issue.

Commands sent to wrong printer

This is another problem encountered when a default wrong printer is selected. So, to select the required printer and not the default one, user needs to follow below steps.

  1. Go to start button and click on it, then select devices and printers.
  2. Now in the printers and faxes, select the printer which is required.
  3. Then select as the default printer.

The above two ways helps in faster printing process. In case even after performing above steps, if still problem exists then seek hp printer support for all hp printer problems. It is easy to dial on hp printer support phone number (+1-844-585-4521). HP provides excellent services that allow users to solve the issue.


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