When talking about hard disk, you might know the disk contains two types of partitions, one is primary partition and another is logical partition. They are generally used to store data and files. Allocated space and free space are displayed in Disk Management.

For creating new partition, the hard drive must have unallocated space which does not belong to an existing partition. At first you need to click on Windows and search for “create and format disk partitions.” Then right click on C drive or any other drive on the computer. Then click on “ Shrink Volume” from the menu for creating unallocated space. After the shrink gets complete the new partition shows the disk management utility as unallocated space. Next you need to right click on the new partition. In the menu it will show “New Simple Volume”. After this it will display the specified volume size. You need to click next and accept default setting to continue. If you get stuck in any step then you need to connect with the hp computer support. There everything is explained cleary using screenshots. So for further assistance, log on to hp computer support.

When partition is deleted or lost accidentally then partition recovery from unallocated space is required. You may face a problem where the partition with data will show unallocated. Suppose you have a 500 Seagate hard drive, that was used as external hard drive. Suppose it has three partitions A, B and C, where A contains all the user’s data and B and C are empty. After the installation of new version of Windows, A and B become an unallocated space- For this type of problem you need to dial the hp computer support number. Here is the number of hp computer support phone number(+1-844-585-4521)-1.

There are basically two modes to do perform partition recovery from unallocated space with EaseUS Partition Master: i.e. Automatic and Manual. The first one i.e. automatic recovery mode is comparatively easier to use and requires very minimal effort. On the other hand manual recovery mode enables the full control of the recovery process.

To check if the partition is lost and if you really need to do partition recovery from unallocated space, you can clearly go ahead with the following steps.

Click on Start and search for control panel. Select the administrative tools icon from the control panel and then followed by “compyter management”.

Click on the “disk management” heading in the left frame of the next window. This step will create a list of the installed drives on your computer. You will get to know that the partition has lost, if it does not appear there. Then you can initiate the above partition recovery from unallocated space.

While setting up the whole process if you face any kind of technical glitch do not hesitate to contact hp computer technical support. Also you can log on to their website and write your problems in the support section.


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