While using hp printer with MacBook or windows we often face the issue of printer being offline. While this can happen because there might be any problem related to power issue. The power input can be seen and rectified if necessary. Other than that an improper USM connection to the computer may also result in the printer being shown as offline. One needs to check the USB connection first and then re connect it again. If there is any problem regarding the use of hp printer then for any kind of hp printer help one can easily contact the hp printer support phone number. Though it is always not necessary to contact hp printer help but one can use it anytime for any kind of hp printer support.

HP Printer gets offline in Mac

In case you connect the usb cable but still face the printer problem then it can really be tiresome to keep on struggling with such problems. The best way to deal with this is to get immediate help to prevent wastage of time and money. Solving this problem as soon as possible can help you resolve the issue easily without any delay and can also prevent the upcoming cause of any other bigger problem. Some other common issues may happen if your printer is not set as default. If the printer is not set as default in your computer then the computer might sent the printing tasks and job instructions to other printers in your network. If there are still underlying issues then you can always contact the hp printer support phone number for any kind of hp printer support.

Printer goes offline in windows

HP Printer might get offline in windows and will not be easy to sort out by following searching the internet.Though it can be done by following the hp printer support number(+1-844-585-4521) as hp is responsible for providing 24 * 7 hp printer support. You can always contact the customer care for any kind of support you need. Though in case of windows xp it is easy to locate the printer easily but in case of windows 7 as operating system there might be some problems. The actual cause for this kind of problem is the incompatibility of driver to work with the particular operating system.

Steps to feature hp printer going offline in windows 7/8

  • The first thing that you need to do is delete the network printer. Once done the following step includes selecting devices and printers.
  • to remove the printer you need to right click on the network printer and the select remove printer.
  • you need to add a network printer again for which click on devices and printers. Then click on add printer.
  • Select a ‘add local printer’ and click on create a new port. Once a local port is chosen click on next.
  • type computer name / printer name and then click on OK.
  • you need to choose a printer driver but if in any case the printer is not in the list then you need to click on windows update button.


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